Last Friday was IFES World Student Day – and what a day it was! We encouraged IFES movements to think about what it means to love their neighbour – on campus, in their society, around the world.

Here are some of the things students did:

SCO South Africa: ‘We went hiking up a mountain, to pray for the continent of Africa, to pray for the movements of the world, to stand-in-the-gap in the wilderness!’ Closer to home, students shared what they had, whether food or stationery items, with classmates, in the midst of turmoil and university closures.

ZAFES Zambia students in Kitwe spent time clearing the grounds of a local medical clinic.

GEU Guatemala students, with their focus on social justice, gave breakfast to street vendors on campus. They also gathered to pray and a student group skyped to have prayer with groups in Chile and Brazil.

IVF Korea celebrated for an entire week!

CCX Ukraine skyped UCCF Great Britain students. The royal family from the United Kingdom was not present, in spite of how it may appear!

When GBUST Togo students gathered to pray for students around the world, they also collected money to pay for an urgent operation for the father of a student.

Arab students from FCSI Israel prayed for students from Syria, Russia and Kenya around a campfire.

First MUEVE Venezuela from UPTOS and UDO Cumaná cleaned a forgotten plaza on their campus. Then they celebrated there with live music, a gospel message, bible study and prayer.

FCS Mongolia skyped with students in Russia. In Russia, some students prayed especially for Rachel, a student who survived the massacre at Garissa, Kenya on April, 2015, and also for Christians at the university there as they continue to live for Christ.

NIFES Nigeria in Pankshin celebrated with open-air prayer, singing at a park and giving away writing pens around the campus as part of a ‘Love Your Neighbour’ campaign. Students and members of staff were interviewed about how to show love to those around you.

Compa Mexico was celebrating in a big way in places like Monterrey, Mexico City, Yucatan and Tabasco. Compa Mexico in Baja California loved their neighbours at the university by giving thank-you cards to the secretaries who serve them in so many ways.

BSFB Bangladesh gathered together for fellowship and prayer.

GBU Chile students were praying all over the country including campuses in Iquique, Concepción, Los Angeles, Valdivia and Santiago. They skyped with CECE Ecuador students in Quito, who had spent the day getting to know their neighbours.

All in all it was a great day all over the world! Has God already answered your prayers? Share with us! And let’s keep praying that we all grow in knowing what it means to love our neighbours – not just for one day, but every day of the year.

This post appeared first on the IFES website.

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