Pray for your organisation

SCO is a vast organisation consisting of various students, staff and leaders serving their local regions faithfully. Each of these bodies require God’s guidance and assistance – as the Lord’s work continues to be produced across the nation of South Africa.

The Western Cape provincial office would like to request your prayers for it’s work in the province:

  • God’s work in the province
  • More volunteers
  • Financial support for ministry work, staff and the STEM program
  • Office resources: projector, laptop, camera, flip chart stand, telephone installation
  • Leadership: provincial office, all committees, God’s wisdom as they lead
  • Programs for the new semester: schools, universities (HIS) and associates section

Pray for students

Universities will always be influential places, where ideas and philosophies are born and grow. They will always be a seedbed for decision-makers in every major field – education, science and technology, law, commerce…

There is an established university system in the majority of the world’s countries. A few universities are huge, with a fifth of a million students; most have several thousand students, often strewn around many parts of a city; some colleges are only a fraction of that size.

They each reflect the situation in their country. For example:

  • in turbulent times, universities are closed;
  • after war or genocide, students struggle with the trauma of what they saw and heard;
  • in affluent countries, students tend to be less serious about study;
  • in countries emerging from Communism, students are asking how they should be governed.

Here are some prayer points that we can engage in from the the IFES. Click here.